Often times we are asked; “What is a missionary and what do they do?” Oswald Chambers said this, “A missionary is someone sent by Jesus Christ just as He was sent by God. The great controlling factor is not the needs of people, but the command of Jesus.”

Jesus said, “…As the Father has sent Me, I also send you.” – John 20:21. A Christian missionary is commissioned by the Lord to make disciples, followers of Christ. We read in Matthew 28, Jesus commands all Christians to share the Gospel. What greater call can one answer?

As a Christian we all need to proclaim Jesus as Savior and Lord. A Christian missionary is an ambassador of Christ. Each one must be yielded to the Lord, loving Him with all the heart, soul, mind, and strength. The RRWM School of Missions is set up with classes for the students to grow in Christ-like character and God’s calling to ministry.

It is very important for the students to understand the Christian worldview. At the end of the course students will have a deeper more intimate relationship with God and will be able to demonstrate significant knowledge of the Bible and how to apply Scripture to daily situations. The end desire is for the students to display a biblical vision for ministry, to know how to lead, to be able to teach Scripture clearly and passionately to all those the Lord brings to them.

So, whether you desire to be a foreign soil or local in America missionary, a church planter or you simply desire discipleship for a deeper relationship with your Creator, this course is for you!

Some of what we offer:

  • Biblical Classes
  • Discipleship Classes
  • Kairos Training Course
  • Cross-Cultural Training / Preparing to serve in a for foreign country
  • Internship
  • How to raise support
  • How to create news letters
  • And so much more …
We are looking forward to meeting you and walking this journey with you. Get started now.