Red Rock World Missions is a 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation.

Our purpose is:

  1. To participate in God’s plan of blessing for all nations; Genesis 3:15; 12:3; Psalm 47:7-9; Romans 15:8-12
  2. To allow people of all nations the opportunity to experience the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ (John 3:16-18; Romans 10:13-15; Isaiah 49:6)
  3. To join God in His pursuit of true worshipers from every tribe, tongue, and nation (John 4:23; Psalm 67:3-4)
  4. To join with other believers in growing Christ’s church and furthering His kingdom (Matthew 16:18; 24:14; Mark 1:14-15; Ephesians 4:11-13; Acts 28:30-31)
  5. To share Christ’s compassion for people by meeting both their physical and spiritual needs (Mark 9:41; 2 Corinthians 8:1-4; Matthew 25:34-36

Vision Statement:
To see healthy churches led by well-equipped local leaders to be a resource in the community.

Mission Statement:
To equip leaders, send out missionaries and establish churches globally that are led by local leaders.

Core Values:

  1. GOD’S WORD The Holy Bible is our final authority - A Spirit-led life - Dependence on God. Acts 17 speaks of the Bereans who searched the Scriptures daily to see if the things being taught lined up with God’s Word. The Scripture is where we hear from the Lord.
  2. PRAYER is foundational. Ultimately, the main purpose of prayer is worship. When we pray to the Lord, recognizing Him for who He is and what He has done, it is an act of worship. Jesus gave us the model of prayer in Matthew 6:9-13.
  3. Disciple-Makers we are firmly dedicated to making disciples who will make other disciples and planting churches that will plant other churches among the reached and unreached people groups around the world (2 Timothy 2:2)
  4. REACH-ALL PEOPLES Excellence and urgency in all we do to share the Gospel, Good News. The message of forgiveness for sin through the atoning work of Jesus Christ (Acts 1:8; Matthew 28:18-20; Isaiah 49:6)
  5. ALL-IN COMMITMENT The potential of all believers to be used by God in the Great Commission - Readiness to sacrifice for Christ and His church (Ephesians 5:2; Psalm 40:6; Proverbs 21:3; Romans 12:1)